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Film Studies

Film Studies,How to read a Film,Movie Genres

Come and Join us for an 10 Week course with Anita Fernandez  these will be 3-hour courses with a break for refreshments the cost for this course is


General film studies  showing a film and discussing it, choosing a variety of films, possibly with a historical element showing how films changed from the 1930s to the 2000s.

How to Read a Film: we will look at some well-known films and showing key scenes, exploring the directors’ styles, identifying specific techniques, following specific actors, recognising the role of music in film and other items.

Movie Genres We will be looking at specific films from well-known genres: The Western; Musicals; Franchises; Historical; Thrillers; Horror; Film Noir; Comedy. Students would learn what makes a movie genre and what to look for, and how genres develop over time.

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