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Come and join us for our Leisure Learning Taster Day

July 3rd from 10.00am 

Whats Happening 

Join us on July 3rd to listen to our expert tutors as they lead courses on their respective subjects. do not miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills. 

You will also have the opportunity to register for the up coming courses


This is a free to enter event but rooms are limited so please be early to avoid disappointment 

Birkbeck Suite

11.00-12.00pm Bob Massey

Nottinghamshire murder mystery and Mayhem

 Events that have happened over the centuries from murders to ghosts and legends to strange events.

Covering robbery in and around Sherwood Forest and in particular Mansfield Road in the 14th, to the 19th centuries.

1.00-2.00pm Bob Massey

Nottinghamshire through our ancestors eyes

The story of the history of the area through the eyes and the society of the people at the time it happened. not through our present-day perspective. 

many books on a book shelf in a library__edited.jpg

The Shakespeare Suite

10.30-11.30am Mike Wheeler 

Concerts in Focus
Do you enjoy orchestral concerts and piano recitals at the Royal Concert Hall? Never been, but feel you would like to give them a try? Whether you're an old hand or a newbie (or somewhere in between), join us to get a taste of what's coming up in the new season 

12.00-1.00pm Anita Fernandez
Film Studies/How to read a Film/Movie Genres


Welcome to our cinema course! Get ready to explore the art of filmmaking in depth.
From the genres that make us laugh to the ones that scare us, we'll cover it all. Our analysis of renowned directors' unique styles and influences will give you a comprehensive understanding of cinema.

Join us for an all-encompassing journey through the world of film!

2.00-3.00pm Anita Fernandez

Introduction to Economics

Join us for an introduction to economics course where we will explore how economics impacts our daily lives. Discover fundamental principles of economics and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. Enroll now to expand your knowledge and broaden your perspective

many books on a book shelf in a library__edited.jpg

The Dickens Suite

10.15-11.15am Judith Headley

Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility

If you're a fan of Jane Austen's novels, you'll love her first published work, which has been adapted into many great screen versions. The novel is full of heartbreak, romance, secrets, and lies, all set against picturesque backdrops. But it's not just a love story - it's also a fascinating glimpse into a world where social class and money are everything, and young men and women must navigate a harsh marriage market. Join a lively reading and discussion group led by an Austen-mad tutor to explore this witty, sarcastic, and sometimes angry novel and its social history.



12.30-1.30pm Judith Headley

Shakespeare's Sonnets

 The story behind the publication of Shakespeare's sonnets is indeed complex and controversial. Our course will provide a detailed analysis of these wonderful poems, making it an absorbing experience for both those who already love them and those who want to know more. As a Taster, we'll delve into three sonnets, including two well-known ones and one of intriguing mystery.

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